Our Company

Give a name to any company is a big challenge. Luis and Patricia decided to name their tailoring company G & N. Those initials stands for their children Gabriela, Nadia and, German. Their dream of opening a store was very important for them and they thought it would be an honor to name it after their children.

Our Story

The Gonzalez came to this country with a dream of empowering people through the clothes they tailor. Their dream was to provide high-quality custom made suits for the population in Texas. They started helping customers at an improvised space on their own house Their clients were amazed by the quality of confection and encouraged them to open a store. They did not know when, but they were sure they were going to open a tailoring store in the near future. In 1994, Luis Gonzalez started working for an exclusive tailor store in Houston, TX tailoring suits for high profile customers.

In 2002, Luis decided to start working at Nordstrom on the suit department. He assisted customers Couple of years later, in 2006, Luis moved to Neiman Marcus to assist customers in trying to find their dreamed suit.

Luis and Patricia Gonzalez moved to Austin from Houston after working for name brands for many years. They opened the G&N Bespoke Tailoring shop by The Domain. Luis has helped many clients by tailoring their suits and enhancing their presence. Luis also provides advice to their clients depending on which style be more fitted for them. The suits bespoke by Luis are exclusive and unique pieces.

Luis and Patricia have made high-quality European style suits and dresses for exclusive clients in Austin. Over the last decade, they have brought Neapolitan suit style to the live music capital of the world, Austin. Luis crafts every suit from scratch and makes it bespoke for every client. They use the highest quality fabrics from Italy and England.

Luis Gonzalez

Master Tailor
Luis started learning about tailoring when he was 11 years old. He began to work making different alterations at a shop in El Salvador. Luis learned how to tailor by his interest to learn about the art of fabric by cutting and designing. The hunger and necessity to learn and move forward with once was a hobby that would turn into his future career.
Luis enjoys empowering his clients by creating unique suits from scratch. He handmakes every suit and makes it exclusive for every client. Luis uses premium quality fabrics from Italy and England. He enjoys working with high profile clients providing them high-quality European style suits and dresses.


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